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Annie's News


I want to let everyone know that I'm going to be trying out some changes to the service menu on my booking site.  You may notice some services change  or get moved.  The intent is to simplify the process and improve my ability to manage time slots, but let me know if you have issues or notice mistakes by emailing  Thank you all!


Hi Everyone!  It's been awhile since I've updated this page, but I appreciate you all for bearing with me through my spring semester at school.  As I start moving into my busy season, I just want to make an announcement regarding how best to contact me.

It helps me out tremendously if you use the online booking system and waitlist.  I know it can seem difficult to find an appointment, but that is simply the reality of my schedule.  If you are unable to use it, please feel free to call or text, but I can no longer keep up with voicemail requests for appointments.  Thank you for understanding, I hope to see you at the salon soon!

Annie Mitchell, independent nail specialist

Annie McGuire

I'm an independent nail specialist at Mystic River Hair and Nails.  I've got years of experience helping people look their best with personalized service.  Call, text or book online for an appointment.

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